fragrance copywriting perfume copywriterWe love to create perfume stories and descriptions. We do this for all manner of scented products and can step in at any point of the process (you can invite us to create the story before or after there is a fragrance). One of our strengths is coming up with evocative and accurate odour descriptions which don’t just sound like a laundry list of adjectives.


We can create any kind of copy required for your fragrance needs. This includes crafting long and short form copy for products; explaining story, features, benefits and fragrance descriptions. We have several years of experience writing press releases, training materials, web copy, packaging copy, blog posts and features.


Perhaps you have a fragrance but no story? No problem. This is one of our specialities – being able to conjure vivid and appealing imagery about fragranced products of all kinds. Just let us experience your product and tell us your target market and we’ll take care of the rest. We can also work the other way around – you have a story, but no fragrance to go with it. Our fragrance evaluation and perfumery experience allows us to interpret your vision into scent. Perhaps you would like to find the best way to convey your fragrance to an audience at an event or via social media? We can help you with creative direction and ensure every part of your message is on point.