Olfiction is a unique team that caters for the needs of fragrance businesses of all kinds. We provide creative perfumery, consultancy, training, and marketing support for fragrance suppliers, contract manufacturers, brands, retailers and fragrance industry organisations.

We have over 30 years of combined experience with fragrance.

At Olfiction, we have lived fragrance for decades – smelled, memorised and observed thousands of perfumes and products; worked in environments that allowed us to learn raw materials, hone our creative instincts, and develop a deep understanding of how shoppers think; what makes someone fall in love with a scent. We know how to educate fragrance sales teams and how to refine fragranced product ranges to meet the needs of your target market. We’re up on the latest trends and can help you create a strong product range. We love to tell stories about your brand – stories that enhance your message in just the right way.

Perfume itself is a form of communication. What stories shall we create together?

Pia Long, Director

Creative perfumer, writer; cosmetics & fragrance industry veteran, British Society of Perfumers council member

Nick Gilbert, Director

Fragrance evaluator, copywriter, and trainer



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