Pia and Nick will be at Esxence 2017


Pia and Nick from Olfiction Ltd (and of Love to Smell YouTube channel) will be at Esxence 2017. It’s a well-known fact that Nick is obsessed with flamingos but we understand that the organisers of this important trade show in the annual fragrance calendar have not featured one in their graphics just for him.

The flamingo might have something to do with this year’s theme: The Garden of Eden.

This enchanted universe finds a perfect representation in its new theme: the Garden of Eden. Joyful place par excellence, it’s the pure dimension of creativity and the expression of fantasy, able to awake our senses: only here they can perceive the most harmonious and refined fragrances.

Art Perfumery is the key to access to this perfect world and Esxence is the appointment that every year allows professionals and enthusiasts to get in. International brands, both historical and emerging, strictly selected to be part of the exhibition area, will offer to the public an excellent and interesting parterre for new businesses and perfumed discoveries, confirming Esxence, and Milan, as the capital city of Art Perfumery.

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