fragrance marketing social mediaFragrance communication is our speciality. We can help you with traditional marketing methods and channels, and know how to fully embrace social media. Whether you need modern SEO-savvy social media content, visually engaging storytelling, quotes for the press or long form editorial, get in touch. Our clients include perfume and home fragrance brands, contract manufacturers, distributors, industry bodies and suppliers. We create both ghost content (appears as coming from the brand) and content as ourselves.

Content creation

With our extensive background in the world of perfumery and communicating directly with customers, we are able to create written, visual and video content tailored towards your needs and brand.

Fragrance marketing

We are experienced fragrance marketers, having overseen the production and development of pricing strategies, marketing communications and point of sale materials for several brands and launches. We can help you create a marketing calendar, select the right channels and methods for your marketing communications and ensure your budget is wisely spent.

Social media

We specialise in helping you set up a strong social media strategy; on training your team to fully embrace modern social media marketing culture and in creating strong social media content. Unlike so many social media agencies and consultancies who try to dazzle you with buzzwords and statistics, we simplify the process and teach you the real secrets to social media success. We have a proven track record of helping fragrance brands stand out in the crowded marketplace; real product knowledge, industry expertise and a thorough understanding of the mind of the fragrance shopper – something you won’t get from a generic social media agency.