bespoke perfumery independent perfumerWe are a experienced in all areas of fragrance development, from developing briefs to bespoke perfumery – and in establishing the right odour profiles to fit seamlessly into your brand.

We have access to multiple laboratory environments to either develop fragrances for your projects ourselves (candles, diffusers, shower gels, fine fragrance…) or we will work with one of our trusted fragrance supply houses and perfumers to co-design exactly the fragrances your project needs. Which route we take depends on your requirements.

Whether you need a fragrance for a special event, or an entire new line of products, we can guide you from concept to finished product.

Fragrance development

We manage the fragrance development process right from the briefing stage to evaluating submissions and guiding towards finalised formulation. This includes:

  • Feedback to perfumer / evaluator of changes to make to fragrance
  • Understanding how to provide a commercial or niche angle
  • Managing the submission library

In appropriate circumstances, we offer independent perfumery and develop the fragrance formulation for you, too. Please get in touch to discuss the options available.


We assess your fragrance concept and create a thorough brief for new development, including:

  • Creative direction
  • Storytelling where relevant
  • Suggested materials and effects
  • Limitations or expectations of fragrance compound
  • Target cost
  • Visual direction
  • Brand and project background

We can also provide guidance in selecting an appropriate fragrance house or perfumer for your development needs and connect you with our recommended suppliers / perfumers.

Range evaluation

We conduct a comprehensive olfactory overview of your product range – identifying potential for improvement, variation and gaps in your lineup, as well as areas of overrepresentation. We produce an olfactive mapping of the range, with fragrances categorised into families with main accords and facets identified – providing you with a clear picture of your fragrance offering. We also suggest fragrance concepts and scents for future new product development.