fragrance trainingWe are seasoned instructional designers and fragrance trainers – both of us have held training management positions in the fragrance and beauty sector and have created everything from short training notes to complete training courses for a diverse range of companies.

Fragrance training

We can develop all relevant training materials tailored to your requirements – including brand story, background on fragrance industry, and all salient information related to products – such as formulation, story and descriptive words. We can design a complete retail sales training experience to match your business needs and brand – including the creation of a consultation process and guiding on tone of voice and descriptive language to be used in a sales setting. You can use our training expertise as an adjunct to your own training department, instead of, or to set one up (train-the-trainer is one of our specialities). We can also train individuals entering the fragrance industry on basic fragrance concepts.

Some examples of the kind of training we provide include:

  • Train-the-trainer for a cosmetics brand who have recently introduced fragrances into their line-up
  • Top-up retail training for a specialist perfumery who want to become more knowledgeable and better at selling
  • Training a junior staff member in a manufacturing environment to become a fragrance laboratory compounder

Public speaking

We are available for public speaking engagements with or without a training element. Invite us to come along to your event, staff conference or a training session to discuss trends or to talk about other perfume subjects.

Some examples of our public speaking engagements: